3 agencies, 15 collaborators always at your service

Real Estate is a very competitive and complicated world where it is especially important to stand out from others. Our three agencies that constitute the Immobiltrend group,

  • Immobiltrend (32, Rue de la République - Menton)
  • Immobiltrend Gold (Roquebrune Cap Martin)
  • House & Co. (15, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte - Monaco Principality)

managed by Fabrizio Gibelli, director of the group, offer to our clientele all the knowledge and skill which derive from a 20 year experience of the Côte d'Azur market. During this experience, Immobiltrend group has achieved the sale and rental of hundreds of real estate goods (apartments, villas, businesses, garages...) in the areas of Menton, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Beausoleil, Cap-d’Ail and the Monaco Principality.

The Immobiltrend group staff is always available to welcome you in any of our agencies in order to help you fulfill your wishes as well as we possibly can. If you wish to sell or rent an estate property, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do anything in our power to advise and offer you the best opportunities on the market as well as our many sole agent availabilities.

Real Estate transaction

The group's experience will help you understand and estimate the true value of your property. We also understand that very often, a property can have a real sentimental value for its owner and therefore, if and when he decides to become a seller or lesser, the owner is in need of being properly informed. Only advice coming from an expert of that field can provide correct information and give an understanding of the current value of the property in relation to the current market. Immobiltrend staff is also always available to perform customized, written estimates and help you make the best decisions in relation to your requirements.

Enhancing the Value of Real Estate

In order to accentuate the value of a property that you have chosen to put up for sale, it is important to apply a few simple rules :

  • Identify the best hours in which to operate the viewing with potential buyers, take captivating and high quality pictures, as the luminosity is an important factor to take into account.
  • Make sure you don't overly charge or personalize the rooms as it can easily depreciate the property's first impression.
  • Allow the agency to proceed to viewings in a quiet time of the day as a property situated in a calm area draws upon remarkable assets. It is therefore beneficial to exploit it without confusing potential buyers on the true environment in which the property lays.
  • If the property you are selling is currently occupied by a tenant, it will be he who is responsible of its maintenance and order.

Useful documents for the sale process of a property

When a property is put up for sale, it is important to hand out the following documentation to your sales agent:

  • A copy of the last property tax;
  • A copy of the annual charge settlement of co-ownership;
  • A copy of the DPE and exact Carrez law surface;
  • A copy of the last three memorandum of the condominium meeting;
  • A copy of the rules of the co-ownership and of their eventual modifications.

Buying a property

If you have an instant crush on a property and have made the decision to purchase it, the Immobiltrend group will be the perfect mediator to accompany you on the journey the transaction involves. It consists in the following steps:

Once you have formulated your offer, the estate agent will act as an intermediate between you and the current owner of the selected property and will be in charge of the negotiation. During that particular step, the collaboration between the negotiator and the property owner is very narrow as an offer can often be followed by one or multiple counter-offers. In that case, the Immobiltrend agent, will recommend the best possible options for both parties. Once the negotiation finalized, when both concerned parties have come to a mutually satisfying agreement, our agency will then fix an appointment with the solicitor for the sale agreement's signature. That agreement will then be followed by a second signature and the buyer will then officially become the new property owner.

Why choose the south of France, Côte-d’Azur

Buying a property on the Côte-d’Azur offers undeniable assets. The sea, the mild climate, quality of life and the proximity to the Monaco Principality are the main reasons why buyers consider the south-east of France. A real estate investment in the areas of Menton, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Beausoleil or Cap-d'Ail is currently defined as a guarantee of value. Globally renowned events such as the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, the Monte-Carlo tennis Masters tournament or the Monaco Yacht Show contribute to the undisputable prestige of the area renewed every year. Immobiltrend is mainly specialized in the sale of investment studios, charming 1-2 bedroom apartment in the old town of Menton ect... We are also the agency in our area that has the most sole agents, which justifies the trust that our clients have in us.

Partner Networks:

The Immobiltrend group have partner networks that can intervene on the base of different necessities.

We can address to you the best service providers (banks, insurances, ect...) and put you in contact with plumbers, cleaners, builders... The synergic work with these professionals allow us to defend our client's best interest.

Real Estate Management:

The Immobiltrend and Immobiltrend gold agencies have selected as partner in rental management, the LocaGestion company, an externalized management service that enables our agency to offer to our property owners / lesser clients, a highly recommended solution in real estate management. LocaGestion will therefore be in charge of the financial, administrative, technique and legal management of your property from the entry to the leave of its occupant. You will also benefit from an online owner space where you will be able to follow live the management progress of your property.

LocaGestion offers security and serenity in the daily management of your patrimony with a clear and safe service. Immobiltrend group and LocaGestion will jointly put their services to your disposal, in order to offer you the best service, adapted according to your situation.

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